Frequently Asked Questions

Are professional musicians the best choice for my event?

Without a doubt, hiring professional musicians is the only way to go for your special event. Amateur musicians will not have the same professional training, tremendous experience, high quality performance, exceptional instruments and extensive repertoire that professional musicians will bring to your all-important event. Don’t take chances—hire experienced professional musicians.

Why should I engage Candlelight Music?

  1. Over 25 years of professional experience in Central New York
  2. Over 1000 performances
  3. Incredible, extensive repertoire
  4. Friendly, accommodating customer service
  5. Unlimited email and telephone consultation
  6. Attention to detail
  7. Complete and thorough planning and organization
  8. Customized service

What does Candlelight Music provide on the day of the engagement?

    1. Great professional musicians.
    2. Fantastic concert instruments: violins, viola, cello, etc., as needed for the engagement.
    3. Music specific to the engagement.
    4. Stands, lights, cords, etc. as needed for the engagement.

    What do I as the customer need to provide on the day of the engagement?

    1. Solid, straight-back, armless chairs (not flimsy plastic nor old metal folding.
    2. Access to an electrical outlet, when in low lighting situations.
    3. Shelter from rain/mist and direct hot sunlight on outdoor engagements.

    Do you provide a contract? What is the amount of the deposit?

    We do provide a contract for the benefit and security of both parties. A deposit reservation of one-third of the amount of the engagement accompanies the signed contract to secure the engagement.

    How do you dress for the event?

    Men come dressed in a black tuxedo or a white dinner jacket, with the women dressed to complement the men. We can also dress in a black suit or other attire as requested.

    How do we select the music?

    A portion of our extensive repertoire is listed on this web site, many with MP3 Audio Files. We will send you complete repertoire lists based upon your needs. You also have unlimited email and telephone consultation and can call or email us anytime to discuss repertoire, ask for suggestions and seek our help and expertise.

    How much will it cost?

    Pricing is based upon the number of hours and the number of musicians engaged. In the case of out-of-town engagements, compensation for mileage will need to be added to the pricing. Call for a quote based upon your needs.